Lorry Cudmore - Ceramic Artist and Tutor

I have worked in clay since 2001, graduating with a first class honours from UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire) in June 2010. I moved to rural Suffolk with my husband in October 2010 to set up a workshop. I have both gas and electric kilns and plan to build an anagama in the future when space and funds allow - as much of my work has been wood fired previously. I am drawn to the textures, shapes and colours found in dry stone walls and natural rock formations. I am fascinated by the shapes and patterns formed by erosion in land and seascapes: the wild, uncontrollable and chaotic often resulting in a moment of meditation.

Inspired initially by Simon Carroll, my current work uses hand building, press moulding and throwing to create each piece. I work with four different clays, Black Chunky, Golden Harvest, P2 Porcelain and Toasted Stoneware , in order to create an effect that mirrors rock and stone surfaces that have been ravaged and stroked by weather, the environment and time. The contradiction of the smoothly eroded against rugged surfaces. I like it that these contradictions combine for emotional effect for both me as maker and the observer. How the chaos of surfaces, colours, textures, shapes and form influence, dictate and enhance feelings. How a surface can affect an emotional response. Land and seascapes are constantly changing. Time is a moving concept. From conception to realisation, and at every point on the way, there are moments where that object, feeling, environment is captured. That moment of stillness is what I am aiming for.

The decision as to the specific moment in time is based on any number of criteria thrown up by the journey from the beginning until...


The journey of the work involves the materials (various clays and inclusions) - the playing with them - adding and taking away colour or not the firing (wood, gas, earthenware, stoneware reduction or oxidisation) the soak and finally whether the end shape is left whole or continues on its journey as inclusion for further pieces. Like rock affected by erosion sometimes incidental and sometimes with seeming vengeance, purpose and force. It is a reflection on the harsh realities and soft magical moments in life.


Birth Growth Development Deterioration - Decay


1973 - 1976

Dartington College of Arts - Diploma of Art and Design

1976 - 1977

Rolle College of Education, Exmouth - Certificate of Education

2007 - 2010

UCLAN - Ceramics Degree - First Class Honours



Anglian Potters - Selected Member




Fisher Theatre Gallery, Bungay (with Malcolm Cudmore)


Halesworth Gallery (central room)



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